Blaq Diamond turned into a laughing stock after the black Twitter PRESIDENT said this about them

Blaq Diamond turned into a laughing stock after the black Twitter PRESIDENT said this about them

Blaq Diamond is a South African Afro-pop duo from Ladysmith KwaZulu-Natal. They met in 2010 on a school trip where both participated in a music cipher on the school bus. They signed to record label Ambitiouz Entertainment, releasing their debut album Angola, which became their first iTunes number one.

Blaq Diamond is regarded as the best duo in South Africa and they have been releasing hits in recent years. This year they released a few hits as they didn’t release an album. They released hits like Italy, messiah, and ama criminal records however none of those songs seem to satisfy the interests of the black Twitter president.

The black Twitter president made it clear that all those tracks which were released by the duo are boring and he doesn’t like any of them. The president also said that their song Italy was the worst song of them all and it really took them out of the game.

“Blaq Diamond had a very bad year this year. They released trash songs only! That Italy track was the nail in the coffin.Pure trash!! 😭😭😭, he tweeted”

After seeing this a lot of people went to reveal how dissatisfied they were with Black Diamond’s performance this year. Others were laughing at them saying that they change channels if one of their songs is playing. However, the comment which made headlines is the one that was saying that the duo now sounds like the Chipmunks and that comment had people laughing nonstop.

See how people reacted to this tweet below :


I think that the president might be right about Blaq Diamond because it seems like they are trying too hard to make hits instead of focusing on making good news for the people, that’s the main reason why people have lost faith in them because indeed they are now sounding like the chipmunks.


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