See Pics: Check How Much A Clubless PSL Player Spent On Petrol 

See Pics: Check How Much A Clubless PSL Player Spent On Petrol

Owning a car comes with the responsibility of having to refuel it every day so that one can be able to move around freely, that is the cost of owning a car which people don’t consider before buying a car.

No matter how the petrol price goes up, people will always go to the petrol stations and pay what is needed for their cars to be juiced up, even though they are complaining most of the time because of the petrol price that is always on the rise.

Former Kaizer Chiefs Star player George Lebese recently had his followers in amazement after posting a picture of how much he spent on getting his car fueled up.

Most people would expect to see the player struggling since he does not have a club to play for currently, but he seems to be going well in life despite that, his social media activity being proof that he is living a better life even when he seems to be unemployed.

With the petrol price at R20.65 per litre, it is hard to get a full tank these days but it seems a full tank is not a problem for George, pouring fuel for up to R2005, which is approximately a full tank for most big cars.

George is currently focused on his business which includes the groove lounge he runs with his wife and also has recently launched a clothing line, trying to set up life since now he can see that a career in soccer is not guaranteed to last forever.

Perhaps he will be trying again to get a team to play for when the January Transfer Window comes by, considering that he looks fit and sharp to be still able to offer something to the game.

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