See: Dr Dre is so happy, After getting divorced

See: Dr Dre is so happy, After getting divorced

The American rapper and producer Dr. Dre found himself trending on social media, after a picture of himself posing next to a display of golden balloons written: “Divorced AF”. Dr. Dre wasn’t the one that broke the news to the public, since it was a personal matter. Also, he had to let the lawyers finalize the divorce and he had to be patient throughout the whole process. Dr. Dre’s close friend and fellow music producer Breyon Prescott was the one that posted the picture of the veteran rapper on his Instagram, as he was celebrating his freedom at last.

Breyon captioned the picture of the 56-year-old entrepreneur: “Hey Well My Brother @drdre Just Told Me It’s Final!!! Congrats [champagne bottle emoji] Still Dre [goat and flexed bicep emojis].” This was a joyous occasion for Dr. Dre’s close family, friends, and colleagues. As it seemed like he had a superb divorce party and might be going back to the dating scene since he’s not tied up to any woman. At the same time, it would be understood if he decides to take a break from relationships and focus on his healing. The music mogul was in a 25 years marriage to an estranged wife Nicole Young. This was a highly contested divorce, which involved massive figures, hence their dirty laundry ended up making it to the public.

Dr. Dre approached Nicole in 1996, even though she was still married to her then-husband Sedale Threatt. However, the Hip Hop mogul decided to persuade her with a letter, telling her to leave Threatt, which she gladly did and then they started dating. About three months into their relationship Dr Dre decided to marry Nicole. The former couple ended up having two children — the 20-year-old daughter Truly Young and the 24-year-old son Truice Young. According to reports, Nicole filed for divorce over allegations of physical and emotional ab*se that he allegedly endured from Dr. Dre. This turned to a $1 billion legal battle, as the veteran rapper was ordered by the court to pay Nicole $293 306 (R4.7 million) per month, until the US attorney remarries or enters into a new domestic partnership, death of either party.

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Date: 11/12/2021

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