SAFA Should Lay A Complaint With FIFA: That Was NEVER a Penalty That Guy Pushed Xulu First

SAFA Should Lay A Complaint With FIFA: That Was NEVER a Penalty That Guy Pushed Xulu First

After having done all the hard work, after putting in all the effort, the South African National team were eliminated from the World Cup qualifiers through the most painful way, they lost the game against Ghana after the referee of the day awarded the hosts a dubious in the first half and that was how Ghana managed to get a win that took them to the play-offs.

The South African Football Association must not leave that lying, everyone who was watching the game will agree that the penalty that was awarded was not a penalty to start with, there was minimal contact between the Ghananian player and Rushine De Reuck, but the referee saw something different and decided to give the Ghanaians a ticket to the next round of qualifiers.

South Africa once beat Senegal in Polokwane through plenty, the penalty was reviewed by FIFA and they decided that the match should be replaced after Senegal laid a complaint with the World’s football governing body, Senegal went on to win the replay, it may be far fetched, but we can’t just accept that we have been defeated when the replay is showing that there was never a penalty there.

SAFA must take this matter to the highest authorities and let them see if the referee was fair on not, in many occasions when South Africans were fouled, he would not give them anything, but when Ghanaians are slightly touched, he would point blow his whistle for a foul.

The officiating was not fair, hence he ended up awarding Ghana the penalty that knocked the South Africans out of the qualifiers, it was clear that the referee has influenced the outcomes of the game and SAFA should do something about it.

Such games should be played with the Video Assistant Referee system in place, if VAR was there, that was never going to be a penalty.

There was also an infringement when the penalty was taken, there were two Ghanaians in the box, but the officials ignored that.

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