RIP:  World’s most popular 6-year-old, Antwain has passed away

RIP:  World’s most popular 6-year-old, Antwain has passed away

Social media has made many people famous, many have made a career out of it. There are many people who became famous on Twitter, Instagram, and Tik tock by making videos. These include people who are as young as 3 years olds.

Antwain Lee TJ Fowler is one of those people, He became famous on the internet after his video asking “where are we about to eat?” Went viral 2 years ago. He was later spotted in numerous funny videos on the internet.

The popular 6-year-old sadly passed away on 22 November 2021. The cause of death is suspected to be a rare disease that Antwain had been battling for years.

Us daily news reported that, According to a GoFundMe page, “Antwain Lee Fowler was diagnosed with Auto-immune Enteropathy in July 2015”. He underwent over 25 surgeries in just five years and he was hospitalized numerous times due to this condition.

Some pictures of his time in hospital are shared on his Instagram page, Antwain’s world.

His mother shared the heartbreaking news on Antwain’s Instagram page, with a picture of herself and TJ in hospital. She captioned this below:

“I tried hiding you from the world early on but couldn’t you were meant to be seen. My precious baby my god I just cannot believe it this is the unbelievable man I’m trying soooooo hard so so hard but I can’t dodge the feeling… God, you really did a number on me I didn’t deserve to be left empty like this A huge hole in my heart the strength I had left with you baby still hasn’t grasped the fact that you actually left me Baby come back I need you”.

The worst thing a parent could ever go through is to lose their child, its really heartbreaking, TJ will be terribly missed.


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