RIP Woman Dies At The Hands Of Cousin’s Jealous Boyfriend

RIP Woman Dies At The Hands Of Cousin’s Jealous Boyfriend

Matebogo Magooa was killed by gunfire in the early hours of Sunday morning, just minutes after she had defended her cousin against the enraged boyfriend of the cousin’s girlfriend. Magooa and her two cousins, all of whom are from kwa-Thema in Ekurhuleni, are unwavering in their refusal to communicate with or travel with the suspect. All three of them are from the same extended family.

As the more experienced older cousin, Magooa stepped in to help defuse the tension and carry out his duties. The suspect appeared to become even more agitated as a result of this, and after he had finished, he went back to his vehicle.

When Magooa were waiting for a ride in the parking lot of a nightclub, they made the executive decision to flag down one of the patrons inside and ask them for a lift. Magooa was injured as a result of the suspect allegedly opening fire on the vehicle as it was getting ready to leave.

The gunfire had an effect on the Magooa. Just as they were about to leave in the customer’s car, the angry suspect approached them and demanded to speak to the customer’s girlfriend. As a result of an altercation that broke out, the driver had flesh wounds on his arm and lower torso, and the girlfriend was seen holding both of her hands to her forehead.

After the shooting, he hurled insults at the victims before driving away from the scene in his vehicle, leaving them to fight for their lives at the location where the crime was committed. The two victims were brought to Far East Hospital in Springs, which is where Magooa was, but the legal system is the only way that we are going to be able to obtain justice for my daughter. The hospital in Springs where the victims were brought was where Magooa was.

In addition, he stated, “I am asking with the court to ensure certain that the accused does not see the light again ever as a component of his sentence.” This was in reference to the punishment that was handed down to him.

Lawrence Gaushe, the father of the deceased, stated that now that the accused has turned himself in to the authorities, he is begging for justice for his daughter. The deceased woman was Lawrence Gaushe’s daughter. He went on to say that the subject matter of the argument itself was irrelevant.

“The person who murdered my child should be brought to justice for the harm he caused to my child. It is inhumane to put someone to death in such a way, and if it were up to me, I would also call for the execution of the defendant. If it were up to me, I would call for his execution.

Sergeant Nkululeko Magudulela, who serves as the spokesperson for the Kwa-Thema Police Department, has confirmed that the suspect turned himself in to the police on Sunday afternoon. “He will come before the Springs Magistrate’s Court soon on charges of attempted murder and murder and police investigations are still ongoing,” he added. “He has been charged with both murder and attempted murder.”

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