RIP: This Teacher Was Killed by A Learner That She Was Mentoring, He Stabbed her to Death

RIP: This Teacher Was Killed by A Learner That She Was Mentoring, He Stabbed her to Death

Teaching is a profession that is overworked and burdened with too much responsibilities. People who are unaware of the difficulties teachers face at work could mistakenly believe that teaching is an easy profession. Being a teacher entails much more than merely instructing students while standing in front of them. Dealing with students that have various attitudes and actions is the hardest part. Some kids come from homes where respect wasn’t instilled, therefore they have a tendency to be difficult around teachers.

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There are teachers who are bullied by students, despite the fact that many people find it difficult to accept this. A student clutching a brick and attempting to hit a teacher with it was featured in a trendy image a few days ago. The fact that teachers can no longer physically discipline students is one thing that is hurting our kids. They begin to disregard them and undercut them because they are aware that they won’t harm them.

After all of that, there comes a terrible tale of a teacher who is murdered by a pupil she instructs. According to the pictures above, Mphosela, a Physical Science instructor, was fatally stabbed by a Grade 12 pupil who is 20 years old. The instructor was allegedly attacked and stabbed when she was at home by the student, who is currently being held by the police. There is no evidence to support a motive for the person’s heinous actions. People, however, believe that the suspect resided with the teacher.


This is absolutely scary. Because of this prohibition on corporal punishment, teachers are no longer respected in society today. Teachers haven’t been respected since it was put in place. Children act anyway they choose because they are confident that the teacher won’t punish them. According to me, the government ought to reinstate physical punishment in schools. Children will learn discipline and respect for their teachers as a result.


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