Limpopo Pastor Allegedly Killed His Wife At Their Home RIP

Limpopo Pastor Allegedly Killed His Wife At Their Home RIP

Date : 28 October 2022

Limpopo people are still left in disbelief after a pastor killed his wife. It sounds so unreal as people start to wonder why he would do such a thing to his wife. As a pastor people were expecting him to lead by example and help others to change their lives as they had trusted him a lot. It’s just unfortunate that he turned to be the person that people were not ready for. It is reported that a pastor from Limpopo Painfully killed his wife at their home.

It is said that he appeared in court and he has been denied bail. It must have been hard for his children as they had to say goodbye to their mother who died in the hands of their father that they trusted so much. There is absolutely no one in life who can wish to have a partner who will put their lives at risk. All people pray to have a supportive partner and not in a million years would one want a partner who would be threat to their lives. It is said that he failed to provide evidence during his bail application and that is why he was denied bail.

People say that he should be punished. It’s men like him who are making this world to be no longer a safe space. Cases of women who are being killed by their partners continue to increase and it only proves that a lot needs to be done in terms of ensuring the safety of women. Many women have been killed by men who claimed to love them and it’s wrong.

Let it be known that it’s wrong to live a life full of fears. Some people have said that a death penalty should implemented for those who are found guilty of killing others. This is because some people tend to get away with it and always leave families reeling. What is your take on this matter?, share your views on the comment section and follow for more news. Please note that the first two pictures are for illustration purposes.

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