RIP Man Shot Dead With His Zip Down, Female Driver Missing

RIP Man Shot Dead With His Zip Down, Female Driver Missing

A 46 year-old man was found in the bullet-riddled car on the southbound Lane of the N2 in the vicinity of Casino and Entertainment Kingdom in KwaZulu-Natal this morning.

The reaction unit officers were contacted by a pedestrian at around 7:40 after they discovered that a blue Haval H6 had several bullet holes. The caller also told the reaction unit paramedics, that the person who was inside the car was shot and seemed to be dead.

The paramedics as well as the officers immediately rushed to the scene where they got information from, and when they got there they discovered that there was a man who had been shot and they immediately assessed him.

The status of the man was that he had sustained gunshot wounds to the chest and head which immediately led to his death, further investigations revealed that his belt was fastened and the button on his jeans and zips were open.

Investigations further revealed that there was a permit for a CZ 75 pistol, which was issued to the deceased by the Department of Health which was located in the car. The thing that is very concerning is the fact that the firearm was not in his possession by the time of the incident, and so far the police cannot confirm if it had been stolen or not.

They found a second identification card which belongs to the female who was registered as a nurse with the Department of Health, and it is believed that she’s the one who was driving the vehicle.

So far police are still trying to gather information in order to locate her as no one knows where she is and if she is fine wherever she is. Identification cards have the same surnames.

A vehicle was shot multiple times from the rear and passenger side, which proves that whoever showed the vehicle was aiming at the passenger which is what led to his death. They also found several spent 9mm cartridges and a single rifle cartridge which were all recovered, there was an open beer bottle and four steals beers which were inside the car.

So far police have no idea what led to this murder and they are urging anyone with information that could assist them in their investigations, to come forward. What is your take on this matter? Comment below, and don’t forget to like and share the article.

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