“I Want To Die Too” Lady Speaks As Her Husband Died A Week After Their Wedding Because Of This

“I Want To Die Too” Lady Speaks As Her Husband Died A Week After Their Wedding Because Of This

Date : 12 September 2022

Another young woman is in pain following the passing of her husband. It’s really indeed painful to lose a loved one and making peace with it is not really easy. It needs more strength to be able to learn to live without a loved one. A young woman is now a widow after losing her husband a week after getting married. It was supposed to be their happiest time as they start building their family but sadly they are now planning to say goodbye to him.

From planning a wedding ceremony to planning a funeral. This will indeed bring pain to her for as long as she lives. The woman known as ” Neonkiey” has revealed that she is really finding it hard to deal with the death of her husband. It still feels like a dream to her hoping that she could wake up and be told that he is still alive. The woman now feels like there is no more reason for her to live after losing her partner.

She took it to social media and said ” God take me too”. This has made her to feel like her life is over and she should follow her late husband.She also revealed that dying with her husband will bring her peace. Indeed mourning is really painful and this will not an easy task for her as she just lost a soulmate. Apparently her husband was poisoned at a gathering and he was confirmed dead at the hospital.

Families gathered a week ago to celebrate their union but a week later they gather to plan a funeral. This feels like she was robbed of her dream life in the most painful and heartbreaking. It must be really heartbreaking for both families. Some people have revealed that they will pray for her to be able to find strength to deal with painful loss so that she does not commit suicide . What is your take on this matter?, Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news.


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