Remember the RDP’s That EFF Donated at Seshego? See What People Are Saying about them

Remember the RDP’s That EFF Donated at Seshego? See What People Are Saying about them

As the elections are just around the corner, political parties are busy promising citizens all kinds of goodies if they vote for them. Political rallies and manifestos are being held all over our communities and on social media. This is the only time you will get to see some of the politicians on the ground interacting with people. Other than that, you will never see them on the streets. However, that’s a story for another day.

A few months ago, Economic Freedom fighters were making waves on social media after handing out beautiful RDP houses to old women in Polokwane Seshego. Many people were very impressed by the houses because they look way better than the ones provided by the African National Congress.

Now that we are going to vote, the EFF announced in its manifesto that if it wins the upcoming elections, all the RDP models will be like the ones they built in Seshego. They posted photos of the RDP’s built-in Seshego on Twitter, using them as a sort of campaign. See photos below:

After photos of the houses were shared, Mzanzi started a sparkling debate on social media, This was after they notice something about these houses. They noticed the EFF spent a great amount of money building luxury RDP,s whereas people next door are living in a bad bad condition without a proper house, see the comments below:

As a result, some people believe he should have simply divided the money and built for his neighbors as well because their homes appear to be old and unsafe. People will always find a way to throw negativity into everything. Regardless of what you do, whether it’s good or terrible, they will always hunt for reasons to be critical of you. Economic freedom fighters have done a fantastic job so far. For your excellent effort, we are appreciative.

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