Remember the Girl Who Saved R23 400 In a bottle Within a Year?! This is How She Did it

Remember the Girl Who Saved R23 400 In a bottle Within a Year?! This is How She Did it


Saving is the best way to prepare for your future or to get what you can’t afford at once. There are so many ways to save money, which include saving electronically or storing your coins in something. In today’s article we’ll talk about a girl who saved a huge amount of money by storing it under her bag in a plastic container. Read

Sandisiwe Msomi alleges to have preserved a total of R23 400 over the course of one year. Sandra Msomi, a BCom student at the University of Pretoria, explained that her father empowered her to save even small sums of cash to assist her with paying for her schooling.

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The 21-year-old saved R23 400 over the course of a year, which she will use to offset the cost of her enrollment for her final year. In a conference call with Flying News on Friday, Msomi revealed that she had been a scholar at the University of KwaZulu-Natal prior to having to drop out due to dissatisfaction with her study results. Her determination to learn about brand awareness led her to register at Vega School Durban in 2009.

In the event that she attended a private school, her college fees would be substantially higher. According to Msomi, “It caused a great deal of difficulty for my family, and I wanted to do all I could to assist them with their costs during my final year.”

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Following her father’s advice, she reserved around R75 and R80 each day to fund her education

“If you put your mental state into something, you can achieve anything,” Msomi asserted.

In a twitter comment, she stated that she would have the money converted into R5 coins for her. Msomi revealed that her dad saved a lot of money with coins, and she decided to copy him because it appeared to be “smart” at the time.

“Out of sight, out of mind,” Msomi explained, while concealing the coins inside a shopping bag in a 10-liter bottle. Consequently, she could not be convinced to spend all that money she had gathered.

“It was one of my strategic objectives that, no matter how tough situations were financially, I had to keep telling myself that the cash wasn’t mine yet. It was an initiative slated for completion in the year 2020, “Msomi went on to explain.

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As a birthday present, she received a R5000 cash donation from her parents and sister.

“I concluded that it had to be a positive sign. This has to be a godly sign, doesn’t it? As a result, I set aside a substantial portion of that money, approximately R2 000. ” Msomi had a flashback to something.

When she returned home for summer break, she calculated the amount of money she would need with the help of her mom and dad and a friend. According to her, it took them the better part of the day, and after they put the money in containers, they had to count it again, she explained.

It was stated that the investments would be used exclusively for educational purposes by Msomi. The expenses for this year are estimated at R92 000, with housing totalling R12 000 of the total. She stated that the fundraising experience gave her the confidence to pay for her own college tuition and expenses.

Developing this mind frame today, rather than feeling entitled, is critical, according to the scholar. In her own words, she stated that her parents taught her to have this worldview. In her own words, Msomi clarified that the money earned by her dad was not destined to be mismanaged.

“In any case, I don’t want to ever feel like I’m obligated to my mom and dad’s financial resources. I want them to believe that the cash they’re giving me is a wise investment in my future financial well-being. ”

Msomi will begin saving again in 2020, with a higher savings goal in mind. She wants to raise R40,000 in order to assist her parents in purchasing a home. She has already started putting money aside.

Msomi has also persuaded a number of Facebook users to utilize this tactic in order to save money on their bills. When asked how she felt about it, she responded by saying that knowing she had a positive impact on others was a motivating factor.

In addition to congratulating Msomi on her accomplishments on Twitter, others have communicated their own savings tales in a manner reminiscent of Msomi’s. Some users have saved anywhere from R3 000 to R6 000 as a result of their transactions.

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During the past year, Thabang Brown, another user, was able to save R2 570 by collecting five R5 coins.

To avoid spending the R5 coins, the Bloemfontein DJ claimed to have placed them in a 5-litre container that he had sealed with a cement mixture. Since then, he has deposited the funds into his savings account.

As of 2021,Brown claimed that the amount of money he had accumulated was insignificant, and that his jar was only half-full. He aims to save up to R15 000 during the course of the year 2021.


Advise: if you want to save big, don’t count the money, just put it aside without counting it. Saving it’s not easy you must be determined and have internal motivation.


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