Remember Doctor Khumalo’s Namibian ex-wife, see pictures

Remember Doctor Khumalo’s Namibian ex-wife, see pictures

Nolly Blanche Garnishes is the ex-wife of former known football player Dr. Khumalo. In 2007, when Blanche was an air hostess, Blanche and Dr. Khumalo had married. The couple was gifted with a lovely boy who looks like a doctor of his dad. Blanche was born and raised in Namibia and worked as an air hostess before she married the famous soccer hero.

Their marriage nevertheless did not end in a divorce with the wife who accused the footballer of emotionally abussing her. She requested a divorce in 2015 and left the soccer star.

Since the divorce, Blanche has never been in the spotlight.

Maybe after the divorce, she could have returned home because she is from Namibia.

Her social media pages are not really active.

She posts images after a lengthy interval, the good news is that she looks beautiful and wonderful.

Below are some of her recent beautiful photographs that look just great.

What do you think of images of Khumalo’s former wife that seem wonderful?

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Below are recent Blanche pictures:


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