Read the last conversation and the call that was made to Mpura by Ladydu before his death


Read the last conversation and the call that was made to Mpura by Ladydu before his death




The loss of a loved one or a close person is heartbreaking . One of the things that people do when close people pass away is to look at the last moments which will have been spent together .

Ladydu who was working closely with the five young people who lost their lives in the fatal accident shared the heartbreaking last conversation she had with one of the deceased in the fatal accident .

As if Ladydu felt that it would be their last conversation , she told him how much she loved him and made a call for him to pray.


Death is part of people´s everyday expectations , but it normally hurts whenever someone dies even if it is known that it will happen .

It is devastating to note that even if people may make plans , death can serve as a spoiler .

It is therefore equally important to live each day as if it is the last day . The deaths which have been experienced in 2021 in South Africa and beyond the borders are devastating and they serve as reminders that life is only temporary .

The late Mpura

It hurts to note that South Africa will never see the likes of Menzi Ngubane , Shona Ferguson , Jackson Mthembu and many more as they are dead .

However , these deaths are there to serve as calls for the members of the society to appreciate and be grateful towards each other as it is uncertain when death will strike .

Thanking one another and showing each other great love is what we need to do when we are all still alive .

Thanking or appreciating someone when someone is already dead is not helpful. One needs to feel loved and appreciated when he/she is still alive .

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