Ramaphosa’s Son Is Married to a Foreign Girl, Here Are Their Beautiful Wedding: PICS

Ramaphosa’s Son Is Married to a Foreign Girl, Here Are Their Beautiful Wedding: PICS


Everyone wants to know about Ramaphosa’s personal life because he is a public figure. When it comes to personal details, Ramaphosa is one of those persons who like to keep things private except for those who are close to them. Many people do not know anything about his personal wife at all.” There are a lot of individuals that want to see you fail as a leader, thus he may choose to keep his personal life secret. In order to knock you down, these people could utilize your family or personal life. In this essay, I’ll share some personal details regarding President Cyril Ramaphosa’s family. We, as a nation, are entitled to some background information about our leaders. That’s why I decided to write this post. The more you read, the better.

In addition to their four children, Cyril Ramaphosa and his wife, Dr. Tshepo Motsepe, are married. They had been dating for a long time before they got married in 1996. They had their first kid, Andile, who is also their firstborn. In 2021, he’ll be 39 years old, according to the projections. Besides his wife and children, many members of his extended family live in Johannesburg with him, including his parents.

Pretoria’s presidential residence did not allow the president’s family to stay there, as previously requested. Andile Ramaphosa, the couple’s eldest child, was born to Cyril’s first wife, Hope. A love he shared with the woman he met on a work trip to Uganda in 2008 has transformed his life for the past decade.

When it comes to the father of Uganda’s former Prime Minister’s daughter, Andile Ramaphosa, it isn’t by chance. In 2018, they were married in a beautiful traditional wedding ceremony.

Here are a few more images from their wedding:

Bridget Birungi is the name of the woman he is currently married to. The wedding was attended by the president of Uganda and his father. In this household, there is only one child. She’s a stunning bride, to say the least.

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