Ramaphosa’s close allay has been shot dead: Heartbreaking

Ramaphosa’s close allay has been shot dead: Heartbreaking

Political faction and crime correlates. Politicians eliminate each other permanently, using the hitmen, not wanting to have blood into their own hands. Key state witnesses are in serious trouble, as those that they are testifying against them become gruesome. The former spokesperson of the current South Africa president has been killed in a brutal manner, just outside her home. The motive of her killing has not been yet shared, as the authorities are underway with the investigation.Babita Deokaran, the acting financial director of the Gauteng Ministry of Health, exposed

corruption and suspended payments for irregular contracts, including hospitals, before being assassinated this week.

This is what David Makhura, the prime minister of the province, said, paying tribute to 53-year-old Deokaran, who was shot and killed at his home on Monday. A few hours after the shooting, she died in the hospital. Makhura visited her family on Tuesday.Image

Makhura said that Gauteng was shocked by the irregular and illegal acquisition of personal protective equipment, and Deokalan was appointed to the position in August 2020.

“Remember the call to bring to justice the perpetrators of corruption and plundering of public resources,” Markhura said. Due to her serious and brave leadership, Ms. Deokaran has taken disciplinary action against the Prime Minister’s Office and the SIU investigation. It provides important evidence.Image

The Special Investigation Unit (SIU) previously revealed that Deokalan is the SIU. One of the witnesses investigating the corruption of personal protective equipment (PPE) tenders. SIU stated that so far, there is no connection between the shooting and Deokaran’s participation in the investigation as a witness.

Markhura said that Deokalan’s work led to the successful dismissal of the department and saw the agency file a civil lawsuit to recover public funds from companies and government officials responsible for corruption. See the source image

“On behalf of the provincial government, I would like to express my deepest condolences to Deokaran’s family and colleagues from the Gauteng Health Office. The Prime Minister said:” To commemorate Babita Deokaran, we will do everything possible to ensure a corrupt tender And the perpetrators of the brutal murder of officials will face the full power of the law.”See the source image

We will not be intimidated by criminal gangs who want to loot the country’s resources.” We are accepting it. Measures to protect officials who have become the target of unnecessary threats, intimidation and killings.”

Fighting corruption in South Africa, ultimately puts your life on the line. People fear being exposed for their sinister actions and dirty doings. Without covering up, and rectifying their mistakes, they would rather remove their enemies permanently.


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