Ramaphosa Must Fall” Country Wide Shutdown being Planned, Here’s when and how to prepare

Ramaphosa Must Fall” Country Wide Shutdown being Planned, Here’s when and how to prepare

It’s almost as if the protests do not want to end. Last month was some of the worst looting and riots that we have seen for a while. Followed by serious racial tensions and a March by the EFF. These events have greatly affected the lifestyles of so many South Africans pulling them out of their comfort zones. Now there is talks of a Country wide shutdown being planned later this month’s. Below are all the details, the date of the planned shutdown and how you can properly prepare your lifestyle for this event.


Country Wide Shutdown Possible :

The Poster above has been making the rounds on Social Media. From the logos printed at the bottom it seems to be organized by a couple of different political groups who have very specific demands. Those demands being as listed :

Unverified Vaccine : I assume they want answers on the vaccines.

Black Lives Matter : These seems to be relating to the recent racial tensions and the Phoenix Massacre.

Real ANC : I can’t tell exactly, However it may have some thing to do with corruption within the ANC.

Where’s Free Education : Obvious grammar error aside, I believe they want free education that was promised a long time ago.

All this culminates into a group that is saying that “Ramaphosa Must Fall”. To make their concerns heard they will March from Bothas Park to the ANC provincial office on the 23 August at 9:00 PM. However this is being touted as a “Shutdown by the Citizens of South Africa” Protest. So it would be wise to prepare for it. This is how.

Preparing for the Day :

While there is no indication of this being a big event, or a continuous one. You should take small precautions to prepare for the event, as if it does happen, your lifestyle will be affected. First and foremost, full your cars fuel up the day before and have your meals pre planned. If you have anywhere to go on the day of the protest call ahead and make sure it’s safe, or that their is no blockages before you leave your home. Also, it may be beneficial to know where your children are going on these days, and if there areas they are going to will be affected or not. While I don’t want you to become to anxious. Preparation is key for any situation . What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments and follow for more news as it happens.

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