Pics: Meet Julius malema last born that looks exactly like him

Pics: Meet Julius malema last born that looks exactly like him




On March 3, 1981, Malema was born to Julius Malema. In the year 2022, the politician will have turned 41. Julius Malema is a dedicated husband and parent despite his busy political schedule. In 2013, Julius Malema wed his longtime friend Mantwa Matala.

To find his soul mate, Julius Malema went back to his hometown of seshego Limpopo. After breaking up with Mantwa in 2010, Julius was rumored to be seeing a string of Johannesburg “slay queens,” while Malema was said to be seeing socialite Lizelle Tabane. After realizing that Mantwa was the one for him, he headed back to Limpopo to pursue her. They tied the knot back in 2013, and they’re still together.

Malema is a father to three of his own. He allegedly has a child with an ex-girlfriend, and that kid is from Zimbabwe. His current wife, Mantwa Matlala, is responsible for caring for his other two kids. According to rumors, Julius Malema had his last kid in 2016. In 2022, both boys will be 6 years old.

Julius Malema expresses genuine affection for his family by sharing photos and updates on Twitter and Instagram. His current home is a palatial estate in Sandton, Johannesburg, where he and his family have been living for some time.

Julius, Malema’s first kid, paid him back for all his help. Just looking at him, it would seem that he is not trustworthy. The uncanny likeness between them proves without a reasonable doubt that the youngster is in fact his biological offspring.

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Seeing a prominent leader like Julius Malema put his family first is an inspiration. Is a good role model because he inspires other kids to do good things.

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