Pastor Caught On Camera Doing This Video

Pastor Caught On Camera Doing This Video

“Huyu Ashikwe Hii ni Hatari” Kenyans React After Pastor is Captured on Camera Doing This (Video)
When a Pastor was captured on video administering what he described as ‘Holy water’ to the congregation during a normal Church function with hundreds of worshipers in attendance, the video quickly went viral on social media. The Pastor expressed his concerns about the video, which has since gone viral on social media.

The strategy employed by the Alleged Clergyman to entice His disciples has become the buzz of the town and has made headlines. Several Kenyans have chimed in to express their opinions on the matter, while leaving a variety of remarks that suggested they were extremely opposed to the concept.

A little blue tank with a large aperture at the top of it was filled with water by the Pastor, who was shown to be nude from his shoulders down to his waistline in the video. Following that, He proceeded to enter the tank barefoot with His entire body submerged into the entire drum to the point that He was standing straight and facing His congregation.

After He ordered for a Cup and decided to force His disciples to drink the water that He stepped in, without providing any explanation as to why He would involve them in such a horrible deed that was completely unprecedented and unacceptable, the shock set in.

They formed a long line to receive water from Him, who was serving them one by one while they sang praise songs to Him. They were very gullible and had a great deal of faith in their religious leader. All of this continued until every single person had consumed the contaminated water, which solidified their particular approach and views on their faith.

Upon closer inspection of the Kenyans’ reactions, it became clear that the majority of them were extremely bitter, accusing the leader of deceiving the entire group for His own personal gain while claiming to be very caring and observant on matters of religion and the well-being of His flock who had gathered to hear the word of God.

The identity of the Pastor, who was said to be a Tanzanian, has not yet been released because more investigations are being carried out to determine the true reason of such incidents, according to reports.

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