Painful A Man Reportedly Killed His Girlfriend And Then Drank Poison After She Refused To Do This

Painful A Man Reportedly Killed His Girlfriend And Then Drank Poison After She Refused To Do This

The life of a another woman has ended so badly in the hands of a man who claimed to love her. Let it be known that a person who loves you will never do anything that can put your life at risk. The cases of women who are being killed daily by their partners continues to show that people are still finding it hard to deal with problems. Instead of solving the problem peacefully they tend to use violence as a way to solve the problem and its wrong.

People definitely need to seek help before they end up killing their partners unnecessarily. It is said that the man visited his girlfriend at her home as they do not stay far from each other. Apparently he asked her to accompany him to Kimberly but she refused. Tension started when she refused to accompany him to Kimberly. This only shows that he was really abusive, if he was calm he would have solved the matter peacefully without killing her.

It is said that he stabbed her several times and rushed to his employer’s house to get help so that she can be taken to the hospital. Sadly she was confirmed dead at the scene. It is said that after she was confirmed dead, he drank poison wanting to kill himself, it’s possible that he was scared. Surely he could see that his life has ended and is being sent to jail. He is expected to appear in court soon and people have revealed that they want him to be punished.


There are no words that will be said to make it feel better. It was his duty to ensure the safety of his girlfriend not to kill her. It will really take a long time for her family to actually heal from such a thing. It’s painful to get used to the idea of not seeing a loved one again. Wat is your take on this matter?, Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news. Please note that the first three pictures are for illustration purposes.


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