OPINION: Dineo Ranaka should come back on Idols SA

OPINION: Dineo Ranaka should come back on Idols SA

Idols SA viewers gave Dineo Ranaka after the amazing judging skills were displayed on the competition show. Dineo has proven to be multi-talented and viewers were delighted to see her on the competition show as she did a tremendous job judging the top 8.

For the first few weeks after Somizi’s departure, idols so viewers were not impressed at all. Saying the standard of the show has dropped. Producers thought inviting numerous guests will replace Somizi brought his own entertainment which kept mzansi glued to the show

They were guests Judges but failed to impress viewers or kept their advis viewers hooked. Tweeps were very disappointed about the previous guest’s performance it was only until Dineo came and save the show. Starting off the festivities with a better sweet note was Monique who got eliminated from the competition show. The remaining 8 though which was voted by over 5 million people they sang with a lot of enthusiasm and Dineo managed to judge them accordingly.

Viewers were ready to give up idols as they claim they were boring but currently Ranaka made it better.


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