Operation Dudula Member Who Was allegedly Killed By Foreigners Sent to His Final Rest In Style

Operation Dudula Member Who Was allegedly Killed By Foreigners Sent to His Final Rest In Style

A few days ago, we were all saddened by the death of one of the Operation Durula members. According to the report, SIYABONGA MKHIZE MDLALOSE was killed by a group of foreigners who decided to open fire on the group of Operation Dudula members. Members of Operation Dudula were riding in a bus as they traveled to the Jane Furse RDP sportsground for the start of their movement as well as to send over a memorandum concerning crime to the local police. It was unfortunate that the event had to be canceled since one of them was killed.

Following that, three people were arrested on suspicion of the assassination of an Operation Dudula member in Jane Furse, Limpopo, while a fourth man was shot dead after pointing a pistol at police. People have been calling for the law to serve justice for Operation Dudula members. Some even threaten that if suspects get released, they will personally deal with them.

SIYABONGA MKHIZE was laid to rest at Pomeroy Msinga on Saturday, His funeral was one of the most memorable because members of Operation Dudula wore camouflage and carried his coffin and the South African flag while singing the struggle song.It was a very heartbreaking moment, and it looked like the death of a celebrity because people were out at large. Siya died fighting for a better South Africa. His death must be marked in the books of history.

His death left many people with even more hate towards foreigners, However, there were some people who were using his death to spite Operation Dudula and most of them are EFF members. They say his death should be a warning to remaining members that trouble doesn’t pay. May his soul rest in peace and may his death be avenged by the success and prosperity of southern African youth.

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