Nigerian man splashes money on Zulu wedding having a guns

Nigerian man splashes money on Zulu wedding having a guns

A Nigerian citizen is giving money to Zulu women who have gathered around him. People from KwaZulu-Natal have a mysterious culture of what they do with money as part of fashion. It has been growing since then, starting with the Durban July festival before being under lockdown.

They are celebrating a wedding, and now they are changing differently, like other tribes within the country. Also giving money to the bride, but this celebration is for everyone who wants it. They are used to giving the groom and bride furniture or electronic devices.


He has a backpack that has all the money given to them. They are ululating as a praise gesture for him doing something wonderful. They are taking his money into their pockets and the demand is becoming very huge as more people want cash from him.

From the comment section, it is clear that other South Africans are not having bad feelings towards what he is doing well, such as giving people money for the great moment of December. But other individuals are not happy with him and are concerned with what he is applying and using to make money.


Someone who decides to share money with everyone around him at that moment is not a big deal and it is actually very good that he is making other people very happy. While he is giving them money, he is having fun with him and his other companion, with a huge gun in his hands.


1. Moagi: Has anyone seen a gun? Xolani: You’re lucky to have seen one gun, but I have seen a lot more.

2. Moagi: I have seen the video clip to the end, and that can really solve our problems in South Africa.

3. John: The level of hunger in this country is high.

4. Sonti: Giving money to the bride at Zulu weddings is normal.






When it comes to people from the KwaZulu-Natal province, it is not something new to hang around with someone who has a gun and is not hiding it. They are freely holding them even though they are dangerous weapons. It is good to have them around freely available in public.

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