Babes Wodumo threatens to beat Makhadzi to death 

Babes Wodumo threatens to beat Makhadzi to death

In a viral video, Babes Wodumo threatens to beat Makhadzi to death because he’s taking her man, Mampintsha. If she believes that being a venda is what makes her unique, she even threatens to murder her in a video she made. This happened after Makhadzi and Mampintsha met in Mampintsha’s studio to discuss releasing a song together.

Many have questioned whether Makhadzi’s charges are accurate, given that she is the type of girl who has public relationships and appears to be very loyal to her present lover. To clear things up, Makhadzi resorted to social media to provide her perspective. She went so far as to record a video explaining her point of view.

When asked why she didn’t reply to Babes Wodumo’s charges from the first video, she said she didn’t want to since she was inebriated and couldn’t think clearly. Afterward, she stated that she was fed up with her charges. She explained that she went to Mampintsha’s studio to see about releasing a song with him. Babes wodumo was present when Mampintsha began to flirt with her while she was there. As babes wodumo, they then engaged in a brawl. Mampintsha was getting into it with him, and he was yelling at him and calling him names for the way he treated Makhadzi. At one point, Makhadzi admitted that the way they were fighting had traumatized her, and there was nothing she could do to change it.

In the end, Makhadzi agreed that Mmapintsha was certainly looking at her in an unpleasant fashion. She went on to explain that because Mampintsha is a womanizer, Wodumo must deal with her boyfriend and stop accusing others of stealing him. Mampintsha allegedly followed Makhadzi around the studio, according to Makhadzi. And she tells Babes Wodumo to deal with her marital problems, saying that she isn’t interested in Mampintsha at this time. Here is a link to the video.

It is well known that Makhadzi has a poor command of the English language. To please everyone, she was speaking a mixture of English. People laughed hysterically at her poor English after the video was released on Twitter. A person could discern what she was attempting to communicate, despite the fact that her English wasn’t great. Twitter users mocked Makhadzi’s English, as seen by the following comments:




No one should blame Makhadzi or Babes Wodumo for their shaky command of the English language. Their native tongues are incomprehensible to even white people, therefore they have no obligation to speak English as if it were their first. People should quit acting like professors on social media, as the major objective of the film was to demonstrate what happens when people don’t excel in English.


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