Never Say These Words To Your Children

Never Say These Words To Your Children

Words are so powerful that they drive human emotions to different levels depending on what is being said. It affects adults and can have mightier effects on children which is why parents must be wary of the kinds of things they say to their children. Instead, nice and cool words should be said to them always.

Although children can be so frustrating at some point in time. Parents should have the mature habit of endurance when dealing with kids and never yell the following words at them even when angry.

1. You’re Stupid

No matter what a child does wrong, never call them stupid except you want to ruin your relationship with them. Being called stupid leaves a demoralizing impression on kids and makes them feel they are not worthy of doing anything right. Please, kindly correct a child in the best manner possible rather than call them ‘stupid’ to their face.

2. Your Sibling Is Better Than You

Kids are wonderful creatures created with different skills and talents. The fact that your child is performing less, compared to his sibling does not mean he also is not unique in other aspects. Besides, that statement can be demoralizing or bring about the enmity between both kids.

3. I Wish You Weren’t Born

Some parents when angry can go far as regretting why a particular child was born because of circumstances they are passing through. Note that every child has a sole purpose in life and the Creator has wonders to perform through their existence. So never should you say such to children?

4. Stop Acting Like a Baby

Maturity comes from experience, not age. Don’t expect your child who hasn’t come of age to withstand situations like, (crossing the road alone, or turning on the gas cooker) because you expect them to. Instead of complaining about their inexperience, kindly teach them the process gradually.

5. You’re Too Lazy

It’s quite normal for kids to be lazy at some point in time especially when they haven’t eaten. However, parents shouldn’t use the medium to label their children as “lazy” as this makes them see themselves in that manner and continue without making efforts to perform any better.




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