Mzansi Did Not Expect This From Luyanda Potwana

Mzansi Did Not Expect This From Luyanda Potwana

The famous television presenter took it to share to social media that he’s going back to school, Luyanda Potwana is a very well known person because of the job he’s been doing on a show called Nyan’Nyan’ after a period of 20 year’s since, completing his matric he’s going back to school in order to study a degree in Psychology.

But he’s going to attend the school in London, one of the best University in the world… He also added further by saying if there’s a man to pray, surely there’s a God to answer his prayers a lot of people have a desire to go back to school but they think, they’re too old to go back.

Not for Luyanda Potwana he’s chasing his dreams, he believes that dreams delayed are not dreams denied. He’s an inspiration on and off the television he continues to lead by example he’s a very good role model to society



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