My mother spoke about Diabetes in the media in order to hide the trutH: Lwandle spill more beans

My mother spoke about Diabetes in the media in order to hide the truth: Lwandle spill more beans

By Nhlanhla Maseko

Lwandle Ndaba is another son that would never let his mother suffer in silence from the pain allegedly caused by someone else. Sophie Ndaba’s son could not just sit back and do nothing after his mother has allegedly suffered physical and emotional abuse from her husband who she is divorcing being Max Lichaba.

Releasing a diss track was nothing but a beginning for Lwandle to spill the beans, he has now revealed more on what her mother Sophie has allegedly suffered in the hands of someone who was supposed to protect her.

“Health issues: my mother spoke of Diabetes in the media in order to hide the truth behind her weight loss. The weight loss was caused by stress. In their constant fights that we overhead (time to time again). Financial abuse: I witnessed the financial investment from day one into all of his businesses by my mother(Kwa Lichaba Soweto Chesanyama).

“Constantly told her that she was ugly after initially complementing her on her beauty. He told her that she was ugly and nobody would want her.He told her he loved her voluptuous and then body shamed her. There was a day she kicked him out of the house and removed his clothing and threw the clothes outside”,




Sophie Ndaba,former Generations actress who got married to business man being Max Lichaba went through a lot in the hands of a man supposed to have been her protector. She died on the inside while pretending to be happy in the public. What the public said about her did not really do anything to her as they say the pain that digs deep is the kind of pain cause by those we love and care about.

Her and Max Lichaba’s love story ended exactly like Somizi and Mohale’s love story ended with beans being spilled leaving the public with a lot to take in especially their fans. The two being Max and Sophie are currently going through divorce whereby Sophie will benefit certain things from Max but are those things enough to erase what was done to her taking into consideration the allegations made by her son?

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