Department of Education Drops Bad News, Parents Will Not Be Happy About This

Department of Education Drops Bad News, Parents Will Not Be Happy About This


It is known that schools have recently gotten back to operating as usual due to the country returned to level 3 of the lockdown. For almost 28 days, South African schools and learners were not able to operate due to the unexpected holidays.

This of course was an emergency due to the coronavirus, but now the department of basic education has taken it to themselves to decide on something that would make most learners unhappy and some parents very angry. It is said that the department of basic education is thinking of scrapping the October holidays so that they can use the time to recover the teaching and learning process.

According to the department of education, a lot of the academic year has been lost due to the fact that schools opened late in January and had to also close when South Africa move to level 4 of the lockdown. This then means there’s not enough time to finish the academic year, and scrapping the holidays will be a good start.

This then also means there will be no holidays for learners and teachers altogether until the end of the year. This will be one of the first times when learners will not be going on holiday in September or October.

The department of education wants people to accept the fact that this is a necessary move that will help South Africans recover from the impact of the virus. People can remember that the academic year for 2020 was finished earlier in 2021.


The department of education is trying to prevent this from repeating itself yet again, so this is why it is thinking of stripping the holidays. It must be noted that this is only a suggestion at the current moment and no final decision has been taken, but the department feels strongly about this.

What do you think about the decision the department of education wants to take? Do you think it is very necessary to take away the October holidays from the children?

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