Motsepe to put pressure on the PSL and Glad Africa champions

Motsepe to put pressure on the PSL and Glad Africa champions

Motsepe to put pressure on the PSL and Glad Africa champions. In PSL price money has taken a while to increase even the grants have been around R2 million rand for a very long time.

This has caused a lot of financial stress to many small teams. Who does not have sponsorship? They have often resorted to selling players to balance the books. The PSL has been on R15 Million for a while.

Dr. Patrice Motsepe wants to implement change in ABC Motsepe League. These financial changes will surely give the PSL and Glad African champions something to think about.

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Motsepe was seen attending a match where MM platinum was crowned 2022 ABC motsepe league champions after defeating Magesi fc 1-0 at Olen Park Stadium on Sunday.

Dr Motsepe spoke after the match. He recons the league needs some support. He confirmed that the price money on ABC Motsepe league will be increase from R1.25 million to a staggering R3 million rand by next season. This will equal the same amount as Glad African champions which currently standing at R3 million. this is almost three times the initial amount.

This will definitely put pressure on both the top two leagues in the country.Motsepe wants to do this because he recons the league needs help more resources.He also wants the football to improve in the lower league.Many people saw this as a good move. However they want an improved package for grants in ABC Motsepe league.

Many People has complained about ABC Motsepe league regarding match fixing.An increase in grants could also improve the clubs hardships.Bringing more sponsorships in the league could also help.

The R3 million rand price increase will also send a strong massage to the PSL and Glad Africa champions.It will be interesting to see whether the top leagues will increase their price come next season.

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