Mother Left people emotional after sharing how her child passed her matric

Mother Left people emotional after sharing how her child passed her matric

It’s every parent’s dream to see their kids have a bright future. Raising a girl child it’s not that easy sometimes because they tend to disappoint at times because of the challenges of life they come across, and this leads to some of them not succeeding because they don’t take their future seriously. Most of them what they do they focus on friends and boys they forget about the main purpose of life.

On 21 January 2022 matric results were issued, and a lot of parents including learners were scared because they didn’t know how well did they do during their Exams. As we know matric results can open doors for students. Opportunity to go and study in the best university, but that can only happen if you have good marks. And with good marks, you can even get a bursary.

But ever since this covid started and learners studying online some learners tried by all means and worked hard to get good marks. Like this year’s passing rate is 76.4% out of this passing rate though some didn’t make it, and some did well.

Like this learner whose mother took to social media to proudly announce how well her daughter passed her matric with 6 distinctions when we talk about God’s grace and favor, we are talking about such things. Imagine other kids failing and your kid passing with such good marks that’s a blessing.

This got some people emotional probably thinking about what these kids have been through the whole year but yet chose to focus and study hard despite the challenges that came with it. This child chose to make her mother proud, as beautiful as she is she didn’t focus on other things but her studies came first.


This is an emotional and painful time for other parents as their kids didn’t make it, but they also need to remember that this is not the end of the world. What they have to do is support their kids during this tough time and encourage them to try again this year and they will make it. They don’t have to blame them we all make mistakes and we also learn from them.

To those who didn’t make it’s not the end of the world let’s try again. To those who made it well done but it doesn’t end here this is the beginning of your journey it’s time to work hard.

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