A Teacher Killed By Grade 12 Learner After Failing Her Subject See Here

A Teacher Killed By Grade 12 Learner After Failing Her Subject See Here

So a matric student shot and killed his teacher just coz he failed matric ma’am Ngendane Phomolong secondary in Tembisahttps://t.co/G81ottJgkC.

People must study their books because the teacher is not going to be the one who will be writing the exam if you think the teacher will help you with everything you are wrong.

A school grade 12 learner came with a gun and after viewing his matric results went and killed his geography teacher with a gun.

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When I was matriculating, our Physical Science teacher said to us “ngeke siyiphase physics Sidonia no diesel” that was my last time attending his class. It was right just before mid-year exams. I hate him to this day.

Our Maths teacher used to tell us that we are nothing hence we are going nowhere in life. Today I’m a qualified teacher just like him and tell you what I hate him till this day.


I think the use of hurtful words and favoritism towards learners stimulates anger and hate.

Sometimes people be sensitive over something that should bring the best out of them. We had a learner that had failed grade 11 twice already, and the maths teacher told her every day she will never make it to matric. She started seeking help, and we did help. She is a lecturer today.


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