Mogoeng To Spill Beans On Cyril? I Will Expose Him

Mogoeng To Spill Beans On Cyril? I Will Expose Him

Former South Africa Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng has lately come out of the blocks, swirling speculation that he might throw his hat into the contest for the highest position in the land is ever gaining moment. At recent times, he has been crisscrossing the country visiting different forums and churches purportedly to ‘heal the nation’, it is at these forums whereby he has subliminally lambasted some government officials and in particular President Cyril Ramaphosa for his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Mogoeng, whose term of office as the CJ ran its course in October, is notoriously-known for not holding back as far as his opinions are concerned, in political lingo, he can be easily described as a ‘radicalist’ – he apothiosizes radicalism which is anchored in biblical principles.

And as someone who presided over one of the most important organs of state for many years, he has certainly been exposed to how corruption machinations operate, which is why while delivering his long sermon to a congregation at the Word of Faith Christian Centre in PE.


Mogoeng stated unequivocally that he knows the masters of corruption in South Africa who mainly conceal their real colours by hiding behind media propaganda which favourably sanitizes their image.

Currently, it’s almost agreeable that President Ramaphosa is relatively loved, more so than the party he leads, the ANC, and quite pointedly, Mogoeng seemingly fired a thinly-veiled barb at the President by making reference to people who use the legal system to earn public trust to an unsuspecting society.

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“There are certain individuals who project themselves as extremely clean from a distance, these people speak loudly and vociferously against corruption when in essence they are the real masters of corruption. God is aware of those individuals. He is conversant of their dirty tricks, and he has shall mete out the best possible punishment to them. Criminals will be punished,” an ever passionate Mogoeng explained.


If at this point in time you have not been sufficiently convinced that Mogoeng intends to become a president in the near future, he indicated that the Great Geometrician of the universe has revealed a prophecy to him regarding the future of South Africa and its economic status.

“These are treasures that are concealed until the time when it is ripe, and the almighty increases our economy and our currency, and these monies shall be used to pay off the debilitating national debt of the country,” he continued.

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It is one’s opinion therefore that, with the country currently plunged in economic phlebotomy, political phantasmagoria, and social sciamachy, citizens are thirsty for leaders who can help return this nation which brimmed with plenty of potential to its glory; and considering Mogoeng’s exemplary leadership at the helm of the judiciary, he can become such a leader.

There is a caveat though, Mogoeng’s obsession with the Christian faith could pose serious problems for some South Africans, he has before irked many by his attitude towards the issue of Jerusalem and Palestine, and there is a lingering fear that if he ascends to Union Buildings, there is a likelihood of this country becoming a secular state.

Read some additional facts about Mogoeng:

– Mogoeng is aged 60.

– He holds Bjuris degree from University of Zululand, LLB from Natal and an LLM from UNISA.

– He has served in different Judicial positions in his hugely successful career. These include Judge President of The North West High Court (2002-2009), Justice of the Apex Court (2009-2021), 10 years of those as CJ.

– He is married to Mampheto Mogoeng and the couple has three Children.

– His appointment by former President Jacob Zuma to become the Chief Justice in 2011 elicited extreme reactions in the country, with many indicating he was being hoisted to work at the behest of Zuma, a notion he dispelled quite resoundingly throughout his tenure.

What do you make of Make of Mogoeng’s launched offensive. Do you think he has what it takes to become the next President?

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