A man found with human body parts did the unexpected while in JAIL, that stunt SAPS & Mzansi

A man found with human body parts did the unexpected while in JAIL, that stunt SAPS & Mzansi

The case against murder suspects Flavio Hlabangwane — whose Soweto refrigerator was reportedly stuffed with human body parts — was postponed on Monday following an apparent suicide attempt.

Hlabangwane’s counsel informed the Protea magistrate’s court on Monday morning that he attempted suicide and requested that he be kept under monitoring at Johannesburg Prison. He has been detained at the Moroka police station thus far. Magistrate David Mhango ordered that the 26-year-old be sent to the prison’s hospital section. See the source image

The attorney stated that an application will be made to have him submit to a psychiatric examination. Hlabangwane avoided eye contact and kept his gaze down during the proceedings. Residents of Soweto have expressed their desire for him to be released on bail so they may “deal with him.”

Mandla Dube, a concerned local who attended court, stated that he would want to see Hlabangwane plead guilty and avoid wasting the court’s time.

Hlabangwane was arrested after his spouse reportedly discovered human body parts in his refrigerator when he went shopping at his house in Protea Glen. Brig Brenda Muridili, a police spokesman, said an off-duty officer who lives in the vicinity came to the crime scene. Following the grisly finding, Hlabangwane allegedly stabbed himself and was sent to the hospital. Climate worry is at an all-time high among young people. See the source image

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Flavio Hlabangwane’s court case has been delayed another eight days after he attempted suicide for the second time after being arrested. The ‘corpse in the fridge’ suspect has been transferred to Johannesburg Prison’s medical ward, where he will stay under observation.

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A lawyer for the defendant is now requesting that his client undergo a mental examination before court reconvenes on Tuesday 30 November. The 26-year-old faces a life sentence for his heinous criminal conduct. Hlabangwane was detained earlier this month following the discovery of body parts in his Soweto residence. His partner reportedly discovered legs and arms inside his refrigerator on a visit to the backroom of the Protea Glen property he was renting. See the source image

‘Second suicide attempt’ by a Soweto murderer

Recently, it was discovered that his victim, Tshepang Pitse, was not only his ex-girlfriend but also his cousin. Pitt’s cousin Tsenolo told SAFM that Flavio Hlabangwane and his claimed victim had been involved in an incestuous relationship for five years. While authorities have located Pitsea’s head, arms, and legs, they are still hunting for her body. The details of how the suspected killer attempted suicide earlier this morning have been withheld. Hlabangwane attempted suicide last week after his macabre collection was uncovered.

When is Flavio Hlabangwane scheduled to appear in court?

Today’s dock appearance was unremarkable, but a noisy gallery assured that the suspect knew precisely how the community felt about him. We may anticipate another tense environment if the alleged ‘corpse in the fridge’ murderer returns to court next week as scheduled.


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