Meet Mzansi Celebrities Who diagnosed with HIV Positive

Meet Mzansi Celebrities Who diagnosed with HIV Positive


The good news is that the number of individuals diagnosed with HIV each year is decreasing and new treatments are promising thanks to major scientific advancements, according to the Secretary’s Minority AIDS Initiative Fund (SAIF). Still, HIV and AIDS remain two highly stigmatized illnesses.

Living with HIV needs courage. Living with the virus is not easy, especially when surrounded by Mzansi celebs. The environment we live in still has a significant level of HIV stigma, causing fear of disclosure and unknown re-infections from carriers. Remember that some of these folks are victims of physicians who transfuse without checking their blood. Others receive the virus from birth or other situations.

Thabang Seats

He was diagnosed with HIV in 2013. Thabang declared his HIV status when addressing at an AIDS awareness event in Pretoria in 2016. He added that he did so to inspire other players to do the same. Many of his coworkers, including the 38-year-old retired football player, have the virus but are frightened to admit it, and the administration does not want them to.

Saidy brown

Saidy Brown, a 23-year-old actress, is one of Mzansi’s HIV- At 14, she discovered she had the virus. Her parents died from the sickness. Her parents died when she was nine, her mother a year later. Six months later, she told her aunt, who revealed her parents’ HIV statuses and where she may have gotten the disease. She went two years without therapy due to denial and finally started taking medicine at 16 when her body started to weaken.

Criselda Dudumashe

In her book, ‘You Are Never Alone: God’s Favourite Daughter,’ radio personality Criselda Dudumashe shares her experiences of living with HIV/AIDS.

She has worked as an HIV/AIDS ambassador for many years, and her work is well-known. In addition to providing speeches about living in terrible conditions, she also travels the country giving talks.

Musa ‘Queen’ Njoku

Musa Njoku, a gospel singer, has also been dealing with HIV for more than two decades.

Recently, she stated that she had also been given a few months to live, but that she had managed to fight the sickness for several years before that.



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