Highly lethal and contagious parasite found in Pfizer vaccine

Highly lethal and contagious parasite found in Pfizer vaccine

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These are the news that came as a complete shock to many South Africans, especially those who have already gotten Vaxxed.

In the past few weeks, A lot of South Africans were being coerced to vaccinate in order to keep the job or face being unemployed. A new study with fresh findings has been published, that shows that the Pfizer vaccine is not ready to be administered to human beings because of the dangerous parasite that has been discovered inside it.

A very scary video has been making rounds on social media that shows the recently discovered negative and painful symptoms of the Pfizer vaccine. a parasite called ‘Trypanosoma Cruzi Vanadium’ has been detected in the bloodstream of vaccinated South Africans- and It grows little by little clotting veins of its host across the entire body. recently a man was admitted into a hospital last week complaining about an unending headache and this is what the CT scans exposed in his blood work.

what left many people filled with fear is that even the eyes were beginning to change color as if he has been under the influence of narcotics, for quite some time. The medical doctors, as well as the research department in the hospital, strongly admit that at this stage, it is very dangerous for the government to continue with giving jabs to the citizens-

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because these vaccines are detrimental to the immune system of a person, presenting even the side effects of aids.

Source: https://republicbroadcasting.org/news/news-report-1-four-parasites-found-in-the-pfizer-and-moderna-covid-19-vaccines/

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