Mashaba Just Gave The Power Back To The ANC

Mashaba Just Gave The Power Back To The ANC

Mashaba Just Gave The Power Back To The ANC

Date: 2021/11/13

Herman Mashaba just gave all the power back to the African National Congress by refusing coalition with the Economic Freedom Fighters, if he had said yes the EFF and actions would have had the power to overthrow the ruling party in big municipalities when it came to big decisions.

ActionSA leader

It seems like all these small political parties just want to be at the table and not make the decisions as they claimed to their voters when they were making them false promises. It was reported that the people of Soweto were tricked into voting for Mashaba who promised them heaven, Milk, and honey which all turned out to be false.

The ruling party must be very much happy with Herman, imagine having to work with the EFF, with their land expropriation ideas that lack substance, imagine them taking the land they will give it to their friends and family members like they did with VBS the Venda bank they killed with Floyd Shivambu who is quiet but very dangerous when it comes to money.

The African National Congress has the power in the metros just like they did last year, so do not expect things to change, they will be just as they are and have always been.

Herman had the ball in his court and he chose not to make a choice that will be beneficial to the people of this country and his followers who bluntly believe in him with their closed as they like what he is selling and bringing to the table.

The African National Congress and Cyril Ramaphosa are smiling their teeth out as their smile is touching their cheeks, the ruling party has can go relax for another 5 years and tell their kids that the ANC has been working hard to make South Africa great.


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