Man Says I Don’t Like The ANC, It’s Leadership And Particularly Cyril Ramaphosa

Man Says I Don’t Like The ANC, It’s Leadership And Particularly Cyril Ramaphosa

A Twitter user said that although he dislikes the ANC and its leadership, including President Cyril Ramaphosa, it is obvious that Mr. Rob Hersov is crossing his boundaries. The man, who was reacting to a video made by Mr. Rob Hersov, said that although he himself does like the ANC and Ramaphosa, he will not make such statements as Mr. Rob Hersov did. He further added that it was the same man who called the minister of Transportation, Fikile Mbalula a fool, and now, he called President Cyril Ramaphosa, the “king of morons”, saying that it would be better the man get arrested for disrespecting a democratically elected president to teach him and others important lessons. He said that when the whites were ruling during the height of apartheid, no black can make this statement, and he is spared. Furthermore, he said that the disrespect this man is giving black politicians is too much.

The man wrote, “I also don’t like the ANC, its leadership, particularly Cyril Ramaphosa.

However, the way this white guy has been disrespecting all these black leaders is appalling. Firstly, he called Fikile a fool, then he calls Ramaphosa King of the morons. Rob knows nothing will happen to him”. Another person wrote that if it was a black person who made this kind of controversial video, the person would have been cooling off in jail or police custody. A social media critic and influencer, who analyzed the entire, wrote, “Imagine if the Guptas told Zuma in public to end curfew and a few days curfew ended? Imagine the media”. They said that the man knows he is untouchable, that is why he continues to make such humiliating videos. They said that he once called Fikile Mbalula a fool, he was not arrested or called to order, then why would he not repeat it with a sitting president? He Cannot do much in other countries.

Another black man wrote that judging from what happened to those so-called instigators, it’s obvious black people are on their own. He wrote, “I have to judge him based on race because had it been a black person, he was going to be accused of instigating hate towards the president. Like those who were called instigators of the July riots simply because they called out the ANC leadership. Some were arrested and harassed”. What do you think, is this video enough to arrest the man?

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