Limpopo 7 People Lost Their Lives In A Truck And Taxi Horrific Accident After This Happened, RIP

Limpopo 7 People Lost Their Lives In A Truck And Taxi Horrific Accident After This Happened, RIP

A Woman With A Colostomy Bag Was Forced To Undress To Prove Her Innocent After Being Accused Of Stealing

A Lady with colostomy was forced to embarrass herself after PEP status accused her of stealing in store. The lady was forced to prove her innocent by taking off her clothes. What breaks my heart about this post is because the woman was falsely accused of something she did not do. The worse part is that she was in pain when she entered the store, without thinking she would be accused of shoplifting.

A heartbroken lady had recently taken to her social media page where she shared a painful message, while exposing PEP staff for failing to do their job properly. A Lady in Facebook Bongiwe Ngiwe Mkiva posted her latest post in her Facebook page where she speaks about the treatment that her aunt got from PEP staff when she visited the store. The PEP staff accused her aunt of stealing something from the store whereas she is having Colostomy. The PEP store assistant, named Amor, forced the aunt to undress to prove her innocent.

It was sad and painful because the poor woman did not steal anything. According to the picture, the woman was in pain with the bag of colostomy in her stomach. Apparently, the store manager has called the lady and ask what happened and ask to speak to her aunt. The store manager apologized to the aunt and promised to deal with the ladies that did all this.

Social media is a powerful news reporter that has helped many people. It helps with the support, and the sharing.

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