Learn why did Sophie Ndaba’s in-laws labelled her a thief and a witch over her son’s song

Learn why did Sophie Ndaba’s in-laws labelled her a thief and a witch over her son’s song

South African actress Sophie Ndaba had been called by many ugly names witch include a thief and a witch by her enraged sister in law. The feud has been sparked by Sophie’s son’s song in which he accused estranged husband of physically abusing and cheating on his mother.

The song is titled; My Stepdad is s Devil – Mr Max Lichaba. According to the publication, CelebGossip, Max has written Sophie a letter demanding that her son retract the hurtful lyrics on the song, as well as publicly apologising to him.

Max’s sister, Aiso Lichaba joined in and gave Lwandle a bit of her mind via Whatsapp. In the conversation Aiso told Lwandle to remove the lyrics or she will expose her mother’s “stealing ways.”

Part of the argument between the music student and Aiso is shown below.

“Look here b@tch… that is my brother you are singing rubbish about. Did you ask that stupid mother of yours what she did to Moeketsi? You Satan, who do you think you and your witch mother are?” reads a Whatsapp message.

The fuming sister also alleged that the two were struggling before her brother, owner of Kwa-Lichaba Chisanyama came along. The young man did not break under the pressure instead he stood his ground and told Aiso that he was exposing was happened in his mother’s marriage with Max.

Another relative of the businessman known as Prince also tried to toughen the boy with threatening words.

“You are a small boy, you don’t know what you are starting … before you provoke war,” he wrote.

Max brought his lawyers to the fray, Len Dekker Attorneys, who wrote a letter to Lwandle giving him a deadline to retract the song. Part of that letter reads:

“Our client have [sic] not raised nor been involved in any form of physical violence towards his erstwhile spouse. No allegation nor evidence suggest that our client was involved in extra-marital affairs pre judicing his erstwhile spouse nor any form of family violence whatsoever,” reads the letter.

Max also denied that he was the source of Sophie’s depression .

“The wrong impression and/ or allegation and/or defaming publication implies that our client used your mother, Sophie Ndaba’s fame and money, to advance his business interests, whereas both parties have acknowledged and agreed their standing and interest from inception of the marital relationship. Accordingly, the submission is not only false but aimed at specifically implying that our client misused his marital relationship to your mother.

“It is, therefore, our instructions to demand, as we hereby do, that you withdraw the publication of the aforementioned song with immediate effect and confirm in writing an unequivocal apology for any negative aspersions and/or inference that can be drawn and/or defamatory statements made in the said song by close of business on Tuesday, 17 August 2021, failing which our client shall have no alternative other than to approach a court for an interdict against you for further publication of the song.”

Lwandle and his mother did not comment on the matter, while Aiso said she will not apologize for the bad things she said about Sophie because she too has done things to the Lichabas.

“We will reveal everything to the public whenever we are ready to do so. Right now we are not ready to say anything to the media ,” she said.

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