Lasizwe exposes how Ntando Duma photoshopped American actor Michael B Jordan

Lasizwe exposes how Ntando Duma photoshopped American actor Michael B Jordan

Lasizwe is just like his sister Khanyi Mbau, the Mcunu siblings don’t have time to keep calm about things, if they have something to say they don’t waste time, they shoot. Lasizwe has just exposed his friend actress Ntando Duma. He has cleared the air about the picture that Ntando Duma posted that sparked some controversy.

Around 10 pm on the 1st of October 2021, Ntando Duma posted a picture of herself and a well-known person whom she referred to as Bae. Ntando claimed Michael B Jordan is her boyfriend, and it was easy to believe as they were pictured together. Some people quickly noticed that the background of the photo is similar to that of the ones that Ntando took with Lasizwe. It was then revealed she did Photoshop and removed Lasizwe.

Lasizwe later went to Facebook to expose Ntando. He posted his pictures with Ntando before the Photoshop, the Screenshot where Ntando was asking a roommate to do the Photoshop for her, and the final edited picture that Ntando posted. Lasizwe jokingly said, “After God fear women, this is the reason why I don’t date women”.

It’s clear that Ntando is not dating the actor. She has a crush on the American actor Michael B Jordan. Some people even dug some information about Michael B Jordan to find out that he is dating model Lori Harvey. Is Ntando planning to snatch him? The actress has been acting weird for the past few months, she has been posting half-naked pictures, clear enough that she wants to grab attention, we just don’t know if the people she was focusing on noticed her. The actress might be single and if she’s not then she’s not in a serious relationship.


Admiring people who don’t even notice your existence is a waste of time, but because you love them you’ll keep waiting and anticipating for the day you’ll finally have them. Ntando may have to start looking somewhere else because Michael B Jordan and his girlfriend have made things official.


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