Disturbing photos of Zimbabwean vice president ex-wife laying on the road left people in tears

Disturbing photos of Zimbabwean vice president ex-wife laying on the road left people in tears

Divorce can really be a nasty experience for so many people. While most people will leave a marriage unharmed and move on peacefully this is not the case for others.

The ex-wife to Zimbabwean vice president Constantino Chiwenga is going through a painful experience after she divorced the vice president. Mary Chiwenga was accused of trying to kill her husband Costantino Chiwenga therefore this led to their divorce. https://twitter.com/ZimViral/status/1443883031941484565?s=19

However, Mary got really sick with an undisclosed illness that sees her skin rotting and swelling aggressively. Some disturbing photos of her have surfaced on the internet. She seemed to have been going for treatment but on the way as she was walking she could not carry herself anymore, therefore, she was captured laying on the ground.

His skin is getting worse it continues to get infected everywhere. A lot of people were hurt upon seeing these photos and were pleading with the vice president to release her passport so that she a go and seek treatment abroad.

Some however were unsympathetic and said she was part of the ongoing corruption when she was still married to the Vice president and took part in the squandering of the state money which resulted in the country’s poor health system. According to them she should suffer the consequences of her actions and continue to receive treatment where the majority of Zimbabweans also receive theirs.

However, we all sin differently and she seemed to be paying heavily for her sins. At the end of the day, she is still a mother, a child, and a sister to some people and it will not be good for the kids to see their mother in the streets like that while their father is having a time of his life. A lot of people have been sending warm prayers to her wishing her a quick recovery.

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