Kidnappers Grab Wife Of A Businessesman In Broad Daylight

Kidnappers Grab Wife Of A Businessesman In Broad Daylight

A group of armed men parked in front of a business man’s wife and grabbed her in full view of people, she was inside her McLaren when this whole incident occurred.

This can be viewed as the “construction mafia” targeting successful businesses and extorting monies. The above was a planed and executed operation, within only 60 seconds. Hence it is very important for one to be extra vigilant on the road especially people who own businesses as at they are at a very high risk of being attacked.

Many people were left so shocked because they could tell that these people who did the kidnapping knew what they were doing, and they had planned well which is why they were able to do it within 60 seconds. Another factor could be the reason that there was no man and this person is a female which is why they were even more stronger and managed to overpower her.

Many people have been kidnapped in the country and most of them end up showing dead while others manage to come back to their families, which is because it depends on what the kidbappers really wanted from the beginning. The government should act into something regarding this matter in order for it to come to an end because as it is we have a very high rate of crime in this country, and it seems like the government is not even trying to implement any strict regulations to prevent these criminal activities from happening.

The government should just introduce that sentence so that these criminals will feel committing crime or at least how many activities will reduce. It is proof that death penalty is the way because countries that implemented have a very low rate of crime. What’s your take on this matter?

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