Kenny Kunene Exposes ‘Unknown Secrets’ of Julius Malema and The EFF

Kenny Kunene Exposes ‘Unknown Secrets’ of Julius Malema and The EFF


Ever since the Sushi king left the Economic Freedom Fighters he has been quiet about things. Maybe he was trying to maintain order and not be involved in fights but of late he has been attacking the economic freedom fighters and their leaders. He called Julius Malema a cockroach and now he has come out guns blazing for Floyd Shivambu.


Floyd Shivambu retweeted a certain video on his personal account and explained how Ramaphosa was bending to the will of settlers but Kenny Kunene came out to expose him. Below is what Floyd said:

“The reality is that settlers have become too arrogant under Cyril Ramaphosa because they created him. They treat him like a child, patronize black people, and despise Africans because he’s permitted them to do so… 2022 February of 2022 December or 2023?”

Kenny Kunene then felt that Floyd was misleading South Africans and he replied with the below reply:

“I don’t give a fuck abt Rob, he’s Gs friend. The flip-flopping irritates me. There was no settler nonsense when Rob Hersov arranged a trip for you and @Julius_S_Malema to London to meet Lord Renwick and take both their money. U r more intelligent than Julius, stop emulating him”


It seems like Kenny Kunene is exposing many secrets he had kept about the economic freedom fighters. No one knew this had taken place and only now is he actually exposing this information. The country is shocked that the EFF is benefiting from the same people it keeps on exposing on a day-to-day basis. It seems like they have been lying to us all about certain things and Kenny Kunene will put them in their place.

What is your take on the matter?

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