Just shoot me Afghan star recalls surreal Kabul escape

Just shoot me Afghan star recalls surreal Kabul escape

ISTANBUL – Afghan pop star Aryana Sayeed asked her life partner one thing as they slipped into Kabul’s tumultuous air terminal after the Taliban moved in: “Don’t allow them to remove me alive”.

Aryana, who gloats about 1.4 million Instagram supporters and is regularly compared to US megastar Kim Kardashian, had drawn the strict moderates’ wrath for her ladies privileges activism and figure-embracing garments.

A vocalist and previously appointed authority of a famous Afghan music ability show, the 36-year-old couldn’t stroll down the roads of Kabul without drawing in a staring horde of selfie-snapping fans..

This made her departure from the city she cherished substantially more dreamlike.

Her first endeavor on 15 August – the day the Islamists entered Kabul while US powers mixed to empty outsiders and a few Afghans following 20 years of war – fizzled on the grounds that the plane won’t ever take off.

The stakes could barely be higher when she made her second endeavor the next day, with Kalashnikov-hauling contenders encompassing the air terminal and associated powers attempting to control the frantic groups at its doors.

Her life partner and administrator, Hasib Sayed, was speaking with her by walkie-talkie in a subsequent vehicle.

“I said to him, you know Hasib … in case I am going to be removed alive, simply shoot me. Simply shoot me in the head,” she told AFP at her stylish Istanbul loft.

“That was the main thing I was frightened of. I wasn’t terrified of biting the dust or anything.”


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