Junior Khanye is taking pictures outside his big house:NICE

Junior Khanye is taking pictures outside his big house:NICE

Junior Khanye is having good moments after a long time of being unable to change his lifestyle. He is now living in a huge house. He managed to cover all the costs so that the house could be built and fully furnished. Now he is able to take pictures from outside.

He has done very well for himself and is getting all the credit he deserves for the beautiful turnaround. He has managed to buy two cars for himself, a Mini Cooper and a Renault, and he has parked them in his own yard. He also speaks very highly of the church helping him to become better.


Even though he is enjoying life, some people online are still making fun of him for his previous situation in life. He is no longer a part of that life and even though there are others who are mocking him, he has managed to do better by turning the tables in his favor.


1. Sive: I wish to know what Kaizer Chiefs did to you because the comments and analysis about Chiefs are boring and indicate that you have a problem with the team.

2. Nkululeko: It all begins with taking care of the home. Never give up, black child.

3. Solly: The King is taking self-love to another level.

4. Sipha: Thabo Junior Khanye, jersey number 13, blonde hair, and white soccer boots.


He is now focusing on making a positive impact on those who need it. He is extending his help hand further by receiving good news from Wedson W. Nyirenda and coming to see his work in South Africa. It is good for helping others to have a better lifestyle before they find themselves making bad decisions.

He is also thanking Nkululeko, who played a good part in helping him to make things better for him as much as he is able to create a beautiful lifestyle. He also made it clear from MacG’s podcast chill that he will not go back into things that turned his life very badly during those years.


He is very certain about keeping his lifestyle where it is at the moment, and the only better option is for him to make room for improvement.


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