Inside Shimza’s ex girlfriend K Naomi’s lobola celebrations

Inside Shimza’s ex girlfriend K Naomi’s lobola celebrations

When good things are aligning in your life, no one can stop them. We all go through things in our lives that might break us. There’s a time to cry and a time to rejoice in life. One doesn’t just go through bad things only. God’s time is coming, all things will fall into place.

Whatever prayer that television presenter and model K Naomi said, we are saying amen to it. Everything is falling into place for her. She met the love of her life, got engaged, got pregnant, and is now married.

The newly Mrs. P shared cute pictures of her lobola negotiations. She wore an outfit made by Jessica Molebatsi. The dresses suited her perfectly. She captioned them “Izinkomo Zami!🤍💍 #MrsP Zifikile, Ziphelele, Zondliwe, Zinonile & Zigcwel’esibayeni #AmaBrahman #AGodThing.” Indeed it is a good thing. Congratulations on their nuptials, we wish them a wonderful marriage. May God continue blessing them.


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