In shock They fired him from work with immediate effect & this is what he did before he left. Vid

In shock They fired him from work with immediate effect & this is what he did before he left. Vid

The fight between the employer and employee will always take place. People are dismissed for various reasons. Others are not dismissed fairly, and this makes them develop vigorous anger and everyone has their own way of unleashing anger. Disagreement can be caused by many factors, and the most likely reason for employers to fire their employees is when their actions harm their production. However, there is a legal way in which the dismissal has to be conducted, to avoid further damages. Those who are not permanently hired are at a high risk of being fired unfairly, without a valid reason. A circulating video of an emotionally touched employee, who according to the version of this video, has been dismissed unfairly. Since people are different, there are various ways in which they express their emotions. However, trying to mitigate crime with crime will always lead to a mess. There are better ways in which this matter could have been resolved between the employer and the employee, but one chose violence. Violence has never been the solution, and further damage has been done by this dismissed employee. More charges can be filed by the employer against him. It is imperative that people learn how to control their emotions.

In this video, one of the dismissed employees is using an excavator machine to destroy the trucks that belong to the company that he was dismissed from. These trucks are extremely expensive and the employer is going to lose a lot of money compared to losing an employee. Surely their maintenance is very high, and it is a lose-lose situation. About 4 trucks were damaged severely, and the person who was behind this criminal behaviour, was attacked before the damage could have extended. Fortunately, no one has been hurt during the process.


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