If Anything Happen to Me Just Know That I Love You- This Was His Last Words Before He Gets Killed

If Anything Happen to Me Just Know That I Love You- This Was His Last Words Before He Gets Killed

What is happening to young people? Every day we wake up to hear that there’s a certain youth who was killed. There have been numerous reported deaths of young adults or youth in recent weeks. Through it all, nothing hits like the pain of losing a lover. It’s so hard to learn to live without someone you promised to spend all your life with. That is why you find some people going through depression and some end up killing themselves after their lover passes away.

Speaking of losing a lover, there is a lady who broke many people’s hearts after she shared what her boyfriend said to her a few minutes before he got killed. Neo Marele G2 was allegedly kicked until he died by fellow students at Sir Pierre Van Ryneveld secondary school. His death was one of the most heartbreaking. According to the reports, they beat him up till he died because they said he acted like a cheese boy. Following his death, five learners have been arrested.

Neo’s death left his girlfriend broken. She took it to social media to share how broken she is by his passing. She even shared the last message that he sent to her before he died. He said, “If anything happens to me, just know that I love you so much. It’s like he knew that he was dying, so he wanted to leave her with a knife assurance that he loved her.

His girlfriend has been crying on social media since the day he passed away. Even those who knew Neo talk about him as if he was one of the coolest guys at school. Some even went so far as to claim that school would never be the same without them. May his soul rest in peace, and may the law take its course to make sure that justice is served. What do you think should be done to stop these gang activities in secondary schools and around our communities? Because police are walking around doing bullying awareness at schools, it’s not helping.


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