How heartbroken are they by the passing of Mazwide

How heartbroken are they by the passing of Mazwide


Nandi Nyembe is a South African actress who is undoubtedly one of the most iconic actresses to come out of South Africa. This actress started acting early 90s, and she managed to sustain her career till this day; she is still regarded as of of the best actresses in South Africa.

Nandi was featured on a new telenovela called ” House of Zwide” and she was portraying the character of Mazwide. Yesterday, the viewers were left so heartbroken by the passing of Mazwide “Rest in peace Mazwide. Mama Zwide has just gone to be with Lord” Mzansi Social Network confirming the death of the Character of Mazwide from House of Zwide. Mazeide was killed by Faith.

The viewers took to social media to share how heartbroken are they by the passing of Mazwide. Some people were saying this show won’t be the same without Mazwide “My heart was shattered seeing how her death affected Ona physically…shame man” said a shattered viewer. “I miss you Gogo Zwide” said a viewer. Some Viewers were calling Faith evil and saying she must get arrested “Faith must rot in jail” said a viewer.

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