Here’s The Most Expensive Fridge Which Shook The Whole Mzansi see pics

Here’s The Most Expensive Fridge Which Shook The Whole Mzansi see pics

If you should take your time and check how a lot of South Africans are well-informed with the modern days trends. Fashion highly-priced Gadgets and clothes and other stuff.I bet you might think that we as a people of South Africa we are rich to hell and back when you consider that we are the solely country global which has the izikhothane vogue which is all about displaying off high priced clothes,alcohol and so on back in the late 2000’s

Well i have been searching deep at all this and i can inform you understand that the majority of us as a humans of mzansi we are simply terrible but well knowledgeable about things which are out of our leagues.A lot of us has kids which are on the goverment sassa payroll, colleges and many others motives which serves as proof that we are not loaded.

There is this one incident which has occurred most currently online which i assume that it additionally serves as proof that we are no longer who we declare to be at most cases.Take a very quick look at the fridge below and most importantly look at its price please

The price of this fridge can purchase any individual a 2d hand polo vivo if you have to do the math wherever you are I bet you will see this.So now with this fridge being over priced as seen on the pic above its photo’s has been making round on social media shoking a lot of humans whilst leavinh them with a lot to say at the equal time.Have a appear at the remarks below to see what some stated about this fridge.

Some individuals appears to be seeing this as a funny story as what a lot of mzansi human beings do on the entirety which is no massive deal anyways. But now with all that being said what is your view on the fee fee of this fridge? Do you suppose a fridge is well worth that a whole lot or not?Leave some comments below

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